Palo Alto VA – In the beginning

I’m going to start on the VA class, beginning, December 5, 2010. This is the day my Dad, Korean War Veteran (he still calls it the Korean Conflict) had his stroke. My first call to VAPAHCS was December 7, 2010 when I asked for the Transfer Department.

Sidebar – The main line at VAPAHCS is as follows: “Welcome to the Palo Alto VA. Where we put the Vet first.” Considering the times I have called over the last 90 days, this phone voice greeting is so so funny! It also is the most hypocritical statement anyone could possibly hear on a daily basis.

As for my informal education of the Veterans Administration, started close to 90 days ago, it has now reached formal education.   I welcome all who take the time to read what I write about my major learning curve.   The energy needed to gather information and knowledge in communicating with the VA Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS for short), headed by Director Lisa Freeman, could be considered Herculean.  I have nothing but compassion and understanding for families of other Vets who run out of energy and/or patience when dealing with the Veterans Administration.


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