I’m Just a “Simple User”

I am typing this on a new piece of hardware, an HP Touch Pad.  This little thing is a wonder among wonders.  The only disappointment so far is how many websites do not have an app sitting out there waiting for those of us on this pad.

What is hard to conceive that a lot of us are not Apple Happy? Nor are we Microsoft aficionados. We are the original Palm fans.  And we want more.  I did have to struggle to get my tech support extended, but Palm came through!  The Palm group still within HP are wizards in their field.  Of course I am not a techkie (sp?).  I mean, what do I know of bits & bytes, code, the cloud, social networking?  I only want a stable OS.

The Palm group has delivered a stable OS for YEARS, from the time of Sidekick.  Geez, give me a programmer to give it to me again.  Sync was pure wizardry. It worked so well on my LifeDrive  and Palm Centro.  I, currently, have a Palm Pre2 and unable to give myself a TWO HOUR reminder on my calendar, let alone a TWO DAY one.  What is with that?  I either miss my appointment or I am double booking.  How much time do you think this is going to work for my hairdresser or manicurist?

Now there is “The Cloud” concept being pushed.  Hey, these computer companies have to boost sales somehow.  Brilliant marketing going on here to figure out how to charge us a monthly fee for our own information storage.  I use to be able to keep my own information on my PC and sync what I wanted to sync.  I was also able to pick and choose what I wanted to back up.  Now, when I backup, EVERYTHING goes to a HP Server somewhere.  Bangladesh, perhaps?  Or the African Gold Coast?  Who knows and who is willing to tell me?

I do not want my information on some cloud concept.  There is no true security on “the cloud.”  Ask your neighbor who is in the security field, they will tell you.  Or look up in the sky, even rain drops come down.

Today, I feel like Jimmy Buffet asking, “Where are my Junior Mints.” Except I am saying give me my own computer tools back.  I am only Sunshine Laughing, the “Simple User.”


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