New Introduction

Surprise! I’m still here and yesterday I had to fill out a contact page in an attemptto meet a companion.  I took most of the day to fill out the form.  One of her questions was, “What is your favorite fruit?”  So I wrote mine, which is pineapple. Then I started to wonder: Is pineapple really a fruit? Here I am riding the train to seniorhood and I had no idea if pineapple is a true fruit.

Next question I asked myself, Why is it so difficult to write a personal introduction? I am who I am.

Since I have not written here in so long I’m going to share “Tell me a little about yourself” I wrote to this new companion I would enjoy meeting. I want to restart my blog with an introduction:

Good evening,.
I’m female and I am a native Californian, born xxxx and bred in the Bay Area.
I honestly didn’t know if pineapple was a fruit so I looked it up and read; The (Pineapple)  ovaries develop into berries which coalesce into a large, compact, multiple accessory fruit.” LOL
I am an Urban Beekeeper and belong to an iris society.
I enjoy drinking alcohol on vacation from the time I get on the plane to the time I get on the plane for return. I went to Cuba, last November, on a regulated Havana Jazz Tour where every morning started with being offered either Mojitos or a Cuba Libre. These welcomes continued through the day and we all were drinking. The Jazz, the Cuban people, my travel companion and tour buddies were memorable. I want to return in 2017.
I have learned to walk through life with no expectations. By living while using this philosophy I am allowed to enjoy who I’m with, at any time of day whether I know them or not.
I am a seeker of new knowledge, friends and connections for my selfishness search of pleasure.
I would be honored to meet you and spend an hour of respectful reciprocity conversation.

Do come back to find out if my intro got me my meeting or not. I would enjoy hearing from you as well.